There are a wide variety of transplantation methods to be used in hair transplantation, one of which is ICEGraft hair transplantation technique. ICEGraft hair transplantation technique and FUE technique have similar stages in terms of removal and transplantation of hair follicles. However, during the transplantation of the hair grafts taken, they are kept in a special solution to increase the retention rate.

How is ICEGraft hair transplantation applied?

ICEGraft hair transplantation begins by applying local anesthesia to the scalp to relieve any discomfort during the procedure. Local anesthesia applied to both donor and recipient areas ensuring that the patient does not feel any pain during the operation. After local anesthesia has taken effect, a round punch is used to remove each follicle from the scalp one by one.

After the hair follicles to be transplanted are removed, ICEGraft hair transplantation process starts. Each hair follicle is kept in a special ICEGraft solution consisting of a mixture of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to strengthen hair follicles, increase survival rate and revitalize. This particular mixture used allows the grafts to be kept in optimal condition after removal, to maintain the pH level and to prevent a reduction in survival rate before being transferred to the scalp. This special mixture also acts as a coolant and provides a natural anti-inflammatory effect by lowering the temperature of the follicles.

Grafts that are kept in a special mixture are implanted into the scalp with small incisions made by means of fine-tip punches. Frozen hair grafts provide adaptation to the natural temperature of the body after transplantation, and help reduce the risk of swelling and inflammation throughout the hair transplantation by making an anti-inflammatory effect on the scalp. This mixture used in ICEGraft hair transplantation helps to maintain the viability of follicles, keeps them in their healthiest condition and increases the rate of successful hair transplantation.

Who is suitable for ICEGraft hair transplantation?

Anyone with a male pattern of baldness or hair loss, sufficient donor sites on the scalp, and with a good general health status is eligible for the ICEGraft hair transplantation technique. Computer Assisted Hair Analysis will be used to determine which hair transplantation technique is more suitable for you, and your hair loss causes and sensitivities will be determined. Then, the techniques used by your hair transplant surgeons will be explained and the most appropriate hair transplant technique will be determined with your preference.

How is the healing process of ICEGraft hair transplantation?

ICEGraft hair transplantation may take 1-6 hours according to the needs of the person. This time may vary depending on the number of hair grafted and transplanted. After the hair transplant procedure, it is recommended that the patient rest for one week. During this period, necessary procedures such as controls and first washing are performed in the hair transplantation center. In addition, to achieve the best results and to continue the follow-up process, periodic checks are provided.

In the first three months, the hair roots begin to grow by clinging, becoming visible in the first six months, and within an average of one year, they have a natural hair cycle. At the end of this period you can cut or style your hair in any way you want.