When performing traditional FUE procedures, the hairs in the donor area should be cut at a level close to the scalp. During the recovery period from ten days to two weeks after the operation, the donor area, the part of the donor area, may have a slightly red and crusted appearance. To hide this appearance, Long Hair can be concealed with long hairs with FUE hair transplantation technique. In this way, the patient can conceal his or her hair transplant operation and continue his daily routine without interruption.

With this technique, the patient can conceal traces of hair follicles from the donor area by extending the back and sides of the hair. During the Lon Hair FUE hair transplant operation, the surgeon removes the hair, clips the hair with a long thin headband, and then removes the follicular units from this limited area of ??the scalp. After the procedure, the patient combs the hair to cover the donor area.

How is Long Hair FUE hair transplantation applied?

Long Hair FUE hair transplantation procedures are usually performed over a linear scar in the donor area and under one long band or two separate parallel bands. The maximum number of grafts that can be harvested using this technique typically ranges from 1,400 to 1,600 grafts in a single session when a long, thin band is used. If the person’s hair is long enough, it is possible to harvest from a wider band that could potentially produce 2,400 or more grafts in a single session. Naturally, the effectiveness depends on the patient’s hair density, hair length, and physical dimensions of the permanent donor area prior to operation.

How is the healing process of Long Hair FUE hair transplantation?

The main purpose of long hair transplantation is the opportunity not to see the final result of hair transplantation immediately after surgery and even a year later, as in ordinary hair transplantation. Of course, this is a temporary effect and the long hair planted starts to fall out in a month and grows again after 2-3 months. This is also the key motivation for performing such an operation, programming the final outcome of successful hair transplantation.

The advantages of Long Hair FUE hair transplantation are:

• Natural appearance of transplanted hair can be confirmed immediately for both patient and surgeon.

• The postoperative period is not noticeable compared to other standard hair transplantation procedures.

• Adherence and growth of hair follicles is high.

• The number of patients who dare to have hair transplantation operations increases as many patients stay away from hair transplantation operations because of shaving.

• An ideal density concept is used to achieve optimal hair density.

• Provides an understanding of the importance of protecting donor resources for an extremely good result.