Dr. Fuat Guder was born in Seben-Bolu in 1973.He began his education in Seben,Turkey. He graduated from high school in Eskişehir and gained his professional medical doctor degree from the Istanbul Unıversity ,İstanbul Medical Faculty in 1996.He completed his medical professional examination called TUS ( Medical Professional Examination) in 1997. Afterwards,he got a degree in otolaryngology and head surgery at the İstanbul education and research hospital. In 2011, he became to be one of Turkey’s most-well known speacialist as an ENT doctor and in otolaryngology head and neck surgery. He added to his experience and medical career by working in Wisconsin Medical School in Madison and Marshfield of America.

On the other hand,he also contributed to the military service as an ENT doctor and otolaryngology head and neck in Agrı Military Hospital.

In addition,he has been working as the founder, medical director and operator of the Anatomica,Medient and Centrium ENT and plastic surgery medical centers since 2005. In these centers, he has established professional hair transplantation teams which led to thousands of successful hair transplant operations.

Membership of the Association of the Foundation Groups

Turkish Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Society
Istanbul Turkish Medical Association
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery for Hair Loss and Baldness